“Naima” is a ballad composed by John Coltrane in 1959, and named after his then-wife, Juanita Naima Grubbs. It first appeared on the album Giant Steps, and is notable for its use of a variety of rich chords over a bass pedal. It is mainly made up of a slow, restrained melody, though there is also a brief piano solo.

Coltrane recorded “Naima” numerous times. “Naima” also appears on The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings, The Complete Copenhagen Concert, Afro-Blue Impressions, Live at the Village Vanguard Again!, among other albums. “Naima” has since become a jazz standard.

Echoes of a Friend is a 1974 album by jazz pianist McCoy Tyner released on the Milestone label. It was recorded in Japan on November 11, 1972 and features Tyner in a solo piano tribute to John Coltrane.

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